Pursuit of a Kiss was Lola Drake's
debut novella.
Ousted from Olympus until he can restore true love to the
world, Eros stumbles upon a match made in heaven – if they
can survive hell first.

Juliet doesn’t have much in common with her namesake. Her
career-centric life sorely lacks romance. Then one night
everything changes when she witnesses a gang shooting, and
she ends up a victim herself.

FBI Agent Jake Parker has known Juliet for years, but only as
the baby sister of his best friend. He still imagines her as the
awkward teenager she used to be. When Jake must protect
Juliet from the gang determined to eliminate the only witness
who can testify against them, he discovers that he’s not the
only one who’s changed in the last ten years.

As sparks fly and the danger mounts, Juliet and Jake must
decide what they're willing to risk in the pursuit of what's
possibly true love's kiss.
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