Quantico 1.7 – An Explosive Episode

It’s week 7 at the Academy, time for an exam! In the world of the bombing investigation, the FBI closes in on Alex as more secrets are revealed. A lot happened in this episode! Sorry for the long recap, but couldn’t get it any shorter without cutting important scenes.

As always, the ongoing questions and answers we’ve gotten are at the bottom if you want to skip ahead and scroll down. :-)

At Quantico Academy

Shelby might qualify for the most awkward way to meet the Executive Assistant Director of the FBI, ever. She goes storming into Caleb’s room pissed off that he didn’t show up for their sex date only to realize Caleb’s dad Clayton is standing behind her. Oops! Caleb introduces them but she’s naturally horrified. Anyone else feel like this makes the affair between Shelby and Clayton even worse, considering how they first met?

In other rooms, Ryan receives something from the FBI that causes him to get a very serious expression on his face. Natalie, fresh out of some shower sex with Brandon, stands in front of the mirror to reapply her scar sticker. Brandon’s still leaning against the wall of the shower looking distraught. 

Alex continues spying on Liam via her well-placed bug. She watches him meeting with Clayton. Liam tells his boss, ”She’s exhausted every avenue there is for digging into her father. She’s done.”
Clayton: As long as you’re sure.
Liam: Booth’s the only one I’m worried about now. When he followed orders in Chicago, I thought we could trust him. 

After the morning drama, the NATs go to the physical component of the exam. Continue reading

Supergirl 1.2 – Even Superheroes Have a Learning Curve

It isn’t easy being a hero, although with a little help it’s relatively simple to learn how to become one. Tonight’s episode, Stronger Together, has James, Winn, Alex, Alura, and even Cat in her own way giving Kara advice that helps her become the superhero National City needs.

The DEO requires Supergirl to undergo rigorous physical and psychological evaluation to be a “field agent,” saying a novice superhero can be a liability in the field. Alex is more impressed, “My sister just broke the sound barrier.” But she does caution her sister when she starts to fly off to fight a fire after performing DEO tests all morning: “Even you have your limits.”

Can you say foreshadowing? Supergirl then makes her first major mistake. When she blows on the fire at the docks it gets bigger instead of going out. So she decides to move the ship full of crude oil away from the docks to prevent an explosion, managing to break the ship as she does so causing a major oil spill. The press reports: “Miracle or menace, that’s what the citizens of National City are asking themselves after the latest attempt at heroics by Supergirl,” causing Kara herself to complain to Winn “I went from superhero to eco terrorist in a single bound.” Continue reading

Scandal 5.7 – Does the Devil Really Deserve a Second Chance?

This week’s episode of Scandal, called “Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance,” dealt with the darker side of human nature and the lies we tell ourselves about the evil inside both us and others. The case of the week tackled a world-renowned feminist who’s been raping women for years with his wife’s help, while Olivia had to face the repercussions of her own selfish decision to free her father from prison to avoid marrying Fitz. Both surround themselves in a web of lies while fighting for truth and justice. The parallels are unsettling, to say the least, even though I think many of us viewers do feel for Olivia while fully despising the actions of the rapist.

The episode began with one of the best lines of the night, as Fitz celebrated the end of the impeachment hearings. He raised a glass and toasted, “To Congress: May their heads one day depart from their asses.” Yes, please! Can we give our own Congress the same toast and hope maybe they’ll listen? Fitz and Olivia have also smoothed things over. He’s not upset she returned the ring and ran out on the wedding, since getting married in that way wasn’t what either of them wanted. Fitz joked that Liv still “gets to date the most powerful man in the world.” How right he is, even as he cedes that power to his beloved girlfriend. Continue reading

Quantico 1.6 – Betrayals and Broken Hearts

There’s a lot of sex going on at Quantico, but there’s even more betrayal. The main message of the episode is that someone is always watching and secrets have a way of getting out. If you want to review the unanswered questions of the series without all the recap and speculation, scroll down to the end of this blog post. :-)

At Quantico Academy

Alex and Ryan enjoy some steamy shower sex to start their day. Elias has left Simon a sweet note, now completely free of any suspicion he had. Natalie advises Nimah (or Raina?) to ask Simon out. And Caleb and Shelby are in his room having sex, but when he asks her out to dinner she says she already has dinner plans but will meet him afterwards. Is everyone hooking up now? So much for the rule that NATs aren’t allowed to date each other.

The assignment of the week involves surveillance, trying to spot things people don’t want you to see or secrets someone might want to share but they’re scared to (cue focus on Ryan). For this assignment they learn about DITU or the Digital Intercept Technology Unit, which of course is what they’re using in the present to view footage from Grand Central Station. Funny how that ties in so nicely. For the live challenge of the exercise (for those who pass the first part of the lesson) they get to surveil Miranda. Continue reading

Quantico 1.5 – More Secrets & Lots of Lust

For simplicity’s sake, like my last Quantico blog, I’m going to break this one into two sections – first what’s happening at Quantico, and second what’s happening in the present (or future according to ABC?) around the Grand Central Station Bombing.

At Quantico

All of the NATs are starting to struggle a bit as week 5 begins. Alex is still fighting with her mom over the phone after finally telling her the truth about being at Quantico, Caleb gets in trouble for using the gun range again (analysts aren’t allowed there, apparently), and Nimah oversleeps and misses an hour of training, making Raina rush to take her place. Here’s the latest for all our characters.

Assignment of the Week

The NATs have to come up with cover identities that they get to try out in a real-life setting – a Fortune 500 company’s party where they have to get in to see the CEO to win. Wouldn’t someone notice an extra 50 people randomly crashing their party? Guess the agents are so good no one does. Continue reading

Quantico 1.1-1.4: The Blacklist Meets How to Get Away With Murder; What We Know So Far

Flash forwards seem to be all the rage this season, and Quantico uses them as its main plot device – going between Alex Parrish starting her training at Quantico to 9 months later when she ends up a suspected terrorist. To clear her name, she tries to investigate the Grand Central Station bombing and find out who really planned it, with the help of a few of her fellow trainees. Each week we learn a little more about what happened in the interim and the various people involved.

Since lots of good recaps exist out there for each individual episode, and I’m adding Quantico to the Fangirl Forum after 6 episodes have aired, I’d rather focus on the clues and character info we’ve learned up until now. Thus, there will of course be spoilers. Consider yourself warned. :-)

At Quantico (9 months ago to Present Day)

The tagline description of Quantico is “100,000 apply, only 1,200 get in. One will become our nation’s biggest threat.”

I don’t know if those statistics are true, but it wouldn’t surprise me. The pilot episode also makes it clear that while 1,200 students may get accepted to Quantico, only a portion of them actually graduate. Each assignment and test comes with the risk of elimination if it’s failed. And since 1,200 is a bit too many characters for even this show to handle, there are 50 in the class we’re following. They’re known as New Agent Trainees, or NATs. Continue reading

Scandal 5.6: Weddings, Escapes, and Betrayals, Oh My!

Fitz and Mellie finally got divorced, Fitz and Olivia almost got married, Jake once again lost a woman he loved, and Papa Pope returned. Sounds like a Thursday! The Scandalcrew also had to contend with a Senate hearing and walking the fine line between truth and perjury, while keeping Fitz and Liv safe. So let’s dive into all this, shall we?

To Say I Do or Not to Say I Do?
A good portion of the episode dealt with whether or not Fitz and Olivia should get married. Cyrus essentially proposes to Olivia on Fitz’s behalf as the three of them talked in the Oval Office, explaining that if they’re married she can’t testify against him. Olivia, as we might expect, reacted in horror: Continue reading

Blindspot 1.6 – The Man with the Tree Tattoo

We got introduced to a new mystery on the show this week in the form of Jane’s first dream (a sex dream, no less) and a man with a tree tattoo. At the beginning of the episode, Jane and the therapist Dr. Borden both assume the tattoo is symbolic rather than literal and the man in the dream must be Kurt. Yet at the very end of the episode we learn the truth – the man with the tree tattoo does exist. Not only that, he’s standing outside of Jane’s safe house watching her! Other than a former lover, who is he to Jane? How does he know where she is now? Will he come forward to help her uncover her memories?

Considering her other friend, the bearded man, was shot by some unknown sniper before he could help her or tell her anything, Jane could use someone who’s genuinely on her side and knows what happened to her. In fact this episode overall has several scenes showing just how much Jane could use a friend.  Continue reading

Supergirl – Much Better than Expected!

I was a big Smallville fan, but for some reason the trailers for Supergirl hadn’t piqued my interest. Then last night I noticed how long the hashtag trended on Twitter and decided to go ahead and check it out. I have to say, I was impressed! I especially love the way the show owned the term Supergirl and made it a proud, feminist name. (More on that in a moment.) It is about time we had a strong female superhero. Maybe Marvel will take notice and start putting out Black Widow toys and include her on the Avengers products. But at least D.C. Comics has embraced putting their weight behind a female superhero, and I for one am looking forward to seeing how the show progresses.

Supergirl’s Backstory & Two Great Cameos

Kara Zor-El is Superman’s (Kal-El’s) cousin. In the mythology of this show, she was a 13-year-old girl when Kal-El was a baby, and her parents sent her to Earth to look after and protect her baby cousin. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time 5.5 – The Power of the Dark Side

If you’ve ever seen Star Wars, and I assume most of you have, you know how strong the lure of the dark side can be. The Emperor almost convinces Luke to give in to his hatred, Darth Vader goes from a Jedi to the dark side (even if it happened over 3 movies most of us probably wish we could forget), and now with its usual Once Upon a Time twist we have the savior struggling with the darkest of urges.

While I do think the comparison Regina makes between Emma and Cora is unfair (after all, Emma returned Violet’s heart safely, and only borrowed it in the first place to try to free herself from overwhelming darkness while Cora straight up murdered Daniel to make her daughter royalty), it takes a certain coldness to wilfully wish your own child’s heart broken, however temporarily.

Emma vs Rumple as The Dark One

Rumple does warn Emma at the beginning of the episode, very prophetically as always, that if she embraces the darkness “You will always lose the ones you love the most.” Continue reading