Scandal 5.7 – Does the Devil Really Deserve a Second Chance?

This week’s episode of Scandal, called “Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance,” dealt with the darker side of human nature and the lies we tell ourselves about the evil inside both us and others. The case of the week tackled a world-renowned feminist who’s been raping women for years with his wife’s help, while Olivia had to face the repercussions of her own selfish decision to free her father from prison to avoid marrying Fitz. Both surround themselves in a web of lies while fighting for truth and justice. The parallels are unsettling, to say the least, even though I think many of us viewers do feel for Olivia while fully despising the actions of the rapist.

The episode began with one of the best lines of the night, as Fitz celebrated the end of the impeachment hearings. He raised a glass and toasted, “To Congress: May their heads one day depart from their asses.” Yes, please! Can we give our own Congress the same toast and hope maybe they’ll listen? Fitz and Olivia have also smoothed things over. He’s not upset she returned the ring and ran out on the wedding, since getting married in that way wasn’t what either of them wanted. Fitz joked that Liv still “gets to date the most powerful man in the world.” How right he is, even as he cedes that power to his beloved girlfriend. Even Olivia and Abby are back to their close friendship. When Abby asked Liv about a rumor she heard that Congress was blackmailed into ending the hearings, Olivia told Abby she doesn’t want to have to lie to her so she can’t answer. Finally, the festivities turned to Vice President Susan Ross flirting with David as she offered to give him a ride to an event at the National Association of the Chiefs of Police the following day.

Repercussions of Rowan’s Escape

The party didn’t last long, however, as Cyrus arrived to tell Fitz that both Rowan and Tom Larsen are out of prison. He’s investigating how this happened and where the paperwork to release them both came from. Olivia pretended to be surprised and upset at the news, allowing Fitz to comfort her. Yet as Liv and Abby made eye contact over Fitz’s back, it appeared Abby at least realizes the truth: Olivia knew about the escape, and her father’s the one who blackmailed Congress.

Fitz may be in the dark about Olivia’s role, but Jake certainly isn’t. He’s downright furious with her, and for damn good reason. His speech to her is brilliant, and in my opinion completely accurate:

You know what I admire about Rowan? He doesn’t claim to be anything he’s not. He knows what he is. He revels in it. You—you preach about wearing some dumb, white hat… Are you blind, Olivia, or do you refuse to see, or do you really not know what you are?

Jake then tells Liv that Rowan killed his wife Elise, thus the blood is on Olivia’s hands since she’s the one who let Rowan out: “The woman I love killed the woman I used to love, or the woman I used to love killed the woman I love, I can’t figure it out.” Poor Jake! Honestly, my heart goes out to him, even as he continues to berate Liv (again, justifiably in my opinion):

I am so tired of being our father’s son. But you don’t get tired, do you? You just keep going, spreading like a plague. How does someone as brilliant and accomplished as you not know what you are? You are Rowan’s greatest achievement. You have become exactly the woman he raised you to be—power-hungry, entitled, dangerous. And the beauty of it is you don’t even know it.

The one question I have about this scene, that I’m hoping one of you can answer, is about the fact that Jake kisses her as he walks out the door. Did he bite her during that kiss? Is that why she’s touching her lip that way as Jake leaves? Or is it simply the shock of the kiss? And if he didn’t bite her, why the hell did he kiss her? He hates her in that moment. Yes, he still has feelings for her—those don’t just disappear in the blink of an eye—but he certainly can’t have any romantic inclinations towards her in that precise moment, can he?

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